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About Me

The Etter family (except Abigail, in Mommy's belly)

My name is Barry Etter. I graduated from Bluefield High School, WV in 1990 and soon lost contact with all of my classmates. I tried to use sites like or, but they required me to pay for access. In 2003, I started Bluefield High Alumni by developing a very small site where alumni could simply post their e-mail address and what they have been doing since graduation. Since then it has grown to include photos, a message board, event calendar and lots more.

In 2006 I created a similar site for Davie County, NC because that's where I currently live. Davie High Alumni was very successful, so I decided to open up my code for other high schools to use. If an alumnus of a high school would like a site for their school, I set it up for them. It doesn't take much of my time and since I accept donations, there's no out-of-pocket expenses for me. It's a win-win for everyone!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do the icons beside of a person's name mean?

 The person is a new user (within the last two days).
The person has recently updated their profile.
   The person is a Bronze, Silver or Gold Member (more info here).

Q: What benefits do Bronze, Silver and Gold Members have?

A: Membership levels are based on donations. The site is free to all alumni, but since there is a cost associated with hosting and running the site, I accept donations. To show appreciation for the support, I created membership levels, as defined below. The membership level lasts for one year from the date of the donation. Note: As new features are added to the site, the information below may change (e.g. a new feature that only Gold member can access).

Base Members - Allowed 2 profile pictures.

 Bronze Members - Name displayed on the main page, allowed 5 pictures in their profile, and a "stealth" option so others cannot see when they view profiles, nor when they're online.

 Silver Members - Name displayed on the main page, allowed 10 pictures in their profile, the stealth setting, and are allowed to attach pictures and files to Message Board posts (up to 2MB total), and the ability to hide sponsor ads.

 Gold Members - Name displayed on the main page, allowed 25 pictures in their profile, the stealth setting, up to 4MB of attachments on Message Board Posts, and the ability to hide sponsor ads.

: Why did you create this site?

A: Because I don't think the pay sites are fair in the way they lure you in with promises of contacting old classmates, then require you to pay to get any information!


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